What is Resort Style Living?

Well, have you have heard of “stay-cations?

Smart people have been investing in their property and finding ways to have the same experience they would at a fancy resort right in their own backyard.  

About 18 months ago we saw a trend where customers came back—somewhere around 2-3 years after we had done a huge detailed landscape design for them, and were now ready to take the leap.  Those investment dollars could have gone to a new beach condo, or a camper or RV.

They told me, “we decided not to do the beach thing”, or “we can travel on our points whenever we want the beach or skiing”, and ” its wasn’t going to be worth the maintenance and service headaches having an RV”. At the end of all that time, the common theme was to have more of that resort style at home.  Family is the most important element.  Being able to entertain at home saves time, there is not traffic, there are no calls from an HOA that there is an emergency, no HOA fees, no TSA delays, no parking fees, no maintenance headaches.  And if you already travel 3-4 days a week all you want to do is get back home.  Let us make it easy and enjoyable.

Here is a survey that shows the popularity of items being invested in that turn backyards into resorts.  Are any of these on your list?  Do you notice them when you go away on vacation?  Why not have them at home?

ASLA reveals top 10 trends in Landscape Architecture for 2017

ASLA reveals top 10 trends in Landscape Architecture for 2017

I recently attended the Techo-Bloc Contractor Showcase when it rolled into Annapolis.  WOW!  3 semi’s of materials and a rocking presentation by “Paver Pete” and friends.  A single day wasn’t enough to get my head around all the cool combinations we now have available.    We studied every element of what you’ll see next.  We did workshops on using better tools, being safer, underground structures like drainage and permeability, and best practices for installers.

Take a look at these shots from a build completed by Techo-Bloc just last year.

Techo-Bloc Borealis Seating, Raffinata Fire Pit

Techo-Bloc Borealis Seating, Raffinata Fire Pit, Lighting and water falls

Outdoor sound systems

Coastal Source Sound

Coastal Outdoor Sound and Lighting

And Lighting on the same wire as the Sound System

Grill, Pizza Oven, Root Beer Keg over a wood plank look called Borealis

Grill, Pizza Oven, Root Beer Keg over a wood plank floor look called Borealis

Resort Style Living

What does it cost to visit this resort? Nothing, it’s right outside your back door!

Resort Style Living

An Investment in Resort Style Living–It seems to be catching on!

It all starts with a phone call.  Tell me you want a resort style back yard and I’ll bring in the Landscape Architect who will get all the details right so it fits your needs, works in the space provided, and has that WOW factor I just experienced.  Then we’ll bring the best technicians and craftsmen to grade, create drainage, stabilize and install the finest paver materials available.  This can be yours!  Your call means we’ll start NOW!

3 things You could be doing right now to have a more relaxing Summer

bored kids, outdoor living spaces, fire pit

You put away the patio furniture but its still nice enough to be outside and you are staring out the window wishing for a BBQ or pool party.  The kids are driving you nuts being cooped up.  Remember the fun you had outside last Summer? But you don’t want to have the same old entertaining space as last year.  So, a flood of questions comes to mind…

1.)  Consulting with our Designers

Breezesta, Adirondack Chairs, outdoor living, outdoor furniture, outdoor furnishings

Breezesta Recycled Plastic Adirondack chairs  (click photo)

We have a warm cozy showroom full of products and solutions.  Now is the perfect time to explore your options.  Set up an appointment so we can meet you there and we’ll explore all your options.  What kind of upgrades would make it more enjoyable to spend more time outdoors?  Need a new Grill for sure; have you considered a smoker or an egg style?  www.amjlandscaping.com  Are you thinking about deep seating chairs?  What about some environmentally friendly recycled plastic Adirondacks? They come in any color you can imagine? A pub height table set? A bigger patio or a roof over your head?


Bring us your Pinterest and Houzz collections…we’ll help you sort them out!

Are you wondering if a fire pit would be a good idea?  Where should it be placed?   Do you have enough clearance under the tree branches?  Where will people sit–on the grass in chairs or on a patio? What about embers?  Maybe you want to pull gas from the house and use that to avoid the mess of wood?

family gathering, fire pit, summer's eve, outdoor living

The New Family Gathering Place (click photo)

This will take some thought, and that’s our job—

Come to AMJ Landscaping to get your questions answered.  

410-437-3027 to set your appointment.


2.)  Extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors at night

Its dark a lot earlier now and being able to see without the glare of spot lights is amazing. Safety is important—steps can be tricky if not lit properly.  So is ambiance.  Tell you a secret?  What you see at night looks totally different than the daytime view when we use LED landscape lights in all the right places.  Its Magical!

Two birds, one stone with LED Landscape Lighting.

Landscape lighting can be used to accent a water fountain, provide a backdrop and illuminate the textures and colors you see in the daylight, thus extending your enjoyment of the investment you put in the landscape into the night.   Downlighting through tree branches puts a pattern on the ground just like when there is a full moon shining through the trees during the Summer.

3.)  Put the finishing touches on your design ideas

Maybe you started a plan before but never got it quite the way you wanted?  Would a 3D preview make it come to life?  In 3D you can see different angles and get the whole picture better than any other format.  Changes made during construction can be costly, so why see it all right up front?  This house below was roasting in the afternoon sun so they couldn’t even consider being outside until well after dark.  No grilling, no reading the paper, no relaxing at all; and they also had 3 neighbors looking right into their back yard.  Click the photo to see the video composition of this and many other 3D designs…then call 410-437-3027 to schedule you appointment at AMJ.

 We’ll help you explore all your options.

Vinyl pergola, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, outdoor entertaining, 3D Landscape Design

3D Perspective of a great Landscape Design

Finding Solutions is the hardest part of the process.  We believe there are many good installers, but getting it just right is a whole other thing.  AMJ would like to offer our services to make sure your backyard paradise is truly heaven on earth!  410.437.3027

Ready for Something New?

Let us know what you didn’t get  from your holiday wish list and we will plan now for a Spring Installation

Fill out the request form below so we can help Design and Build your new:

Patio, Outdoor Kitchen,  New Grill or Pizza Oven?

New Outdoor Deep Seating Furniture?

Fire Pit with Sitting area and seating wall?

New 3D Design for the whole yard (only $399)

Yard maintenance program for 2015?

Fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub pest control programs?

Irrigation Services and Updating Landscape Lighting to LEDs?poolside outdoor-lighting

AMJ Is your one stop place for most everything outdoor.  If we don’t do it in-house, we will recommend the best people we know.

Ask AMJ first:  Call 410.437.3027

Retaining Water in Potted Plants

Need your potted plants watered while you are away?

Call 410.437.3027 to schedule and get a quote.

We also have a product called Terra-Sorb…it appears like tiny jello-like pebbles but it holds up to 10 times its weight in water, then slowly releases the water into the soil.  A small handful in each plant helps keep the soil moist longer than daily watering alone can.

Call 410.437.3027 to schedule and get a quote.

Plants getting eaten by pests?  We have a Maryland Licensed Spray Applicator on staff who can identify the pests, molds, fungi, etc and recommend appropriate action.

Call 410.437.3027 to schedule and get a FREE Inspection.

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With a little hard work and some kind words from our Customer’s, AMJ has received the Best of Houzz Service Award for 2016:  BestOfHouzz2016PressRelease copy follow this link:

And you will notice that we have been awarded the 2016 Service Award based on our level of work and your reviews.  Thanks and keep them coming!

Putting your TAX dollars to work

Now is the time to plan where your tax dollars will do you the most good.flagstone patio, outdoor living, night lighting

Investing in your home is always a smart move, and we have some cool new products this season.

Is it going to be some new patio furniture, a better grill, a smoker, a fire pit?

Do you want to replace an old walkway? Replant the gardens? Add LED lighting or Irrigation?

What about the relaxing sound of a water feature?Basalt column water feature

Prepay NOW for annual lawn maintenance and we will give you an extra 5% off.  The government isn’t going to give you a break like that!

CAll 410.438.3027 today for a FREE Consultation!

The Key to Successful Landscape — Design


Plans are being drawn up now for Summer 2016  landscape design installations.  

Great Projects take time.  Large or Small – it doesn’t matter. Right now is the time between the Holidays and tax time to get creative.

Putting ideas on paper will provide you with peace of mind and having a 3D Design will bring those ideas to life.  Once the Holidays passed, we got serious about completing the fall plans right down to the final detail selections.  Those designs will get installed first.  But there is still plenty of time to get a design completed in the Summer of 2016-you just have to get started right now!  Look below for an example and Check out the video of this project on our website homepage: www.amjlandscaping.com


Marriottsville, MD New Construction Before Landscaping Plan



This process allows us to show the scope of work and the details that will finish the job.  You can study  things like traffic flow patterns, furniture arrangements, location of the BBQ grill or Outdoor Kitchen relative to everything else.  It’s the best we’ve seen so far for transferring ideas into a workable plan.3D landscaping design walkway and plants3D Landscaping DesignHot tub in landscape design


Marriottsville, MD After Landscape Design Installation

Seeing what you might be missing with 3D Landscape Designs

You have to ask yourself….How do you know someone’s ideas will work?

What if it doesn’t feel right?

How do I know I am going to like it a year from now?

Will it be more expensive to make changes during construction if I change my mind once I see it?

AMJ LANDSCAPING, Inc. has the solution–3D Designs

We’ve tried everything from photo albums and colored hand drawings, to building mock ups, even touring existing projects with customers and we never quite got the vision perfected…Until Now.

Last year, AMJ LANDSCAPING, Inc developed 3D Designs

3D Landscape Design, pavers, patios, pergola, custom cedar millwork, plant plan,

3D Perspective of a great Landscape Design

AMJ is using the latest software to:
-Recreate your exact house to scale
Windows, colors, shape and size
-Add in Landscaping,: pavers, pools, pergolas, plants, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, water features, irrigation and lights, furniture, umbrellas and even people
-Provide a full “helicopter view” video tour
-Provide multiple still shots of the completed project
-Provide a detailed plant list

93% of people who tried it last year decided to proceed with their project


Because it realistically portrays the results you can expect and you can feel the dimensions and start to know that the design will be functional in the way you want.

Its all about bringing the dreams out and 3D Design lets that happen.

Call 410.437.3027 for a free first visit to discuss your dream landscape project.

Check out some examples on our website: www.amjlandscaping.com There is a video on the bottom of the homepage and other examples of completed projects in our gallery. You can also see more 3D designs on our You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AMJLandscaping