Are you Grilling or Cooking?

Grilling has always been more about just throwing a few things on a grate and hoping they don’t all turn out charcoal black.  Cooking is replacing grilling. evo1

Cooking is what you did for Thanksgiving.  Remember all the prep work and the variety of side dishes?  The way everyone pitched in to bring their best ingredients?  How about those flavors-the way they made your mouth happy?

Cooking on an outdoor grill is all about having the right things at your disposal and being able to control the temperatures in your grill.  This is important.  Controlling the temperatures within your grill?  Is it possible to do beef, chicken, fish and veggies all at one time?

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power burner, crab grilling, corn on the grill

Crab Pot on a 70K btu Power Burner

Need a Side Burner for a big pot of Crabs and Corn?  Check out the 70K Btu Power Burner!



We are also looking for your favorite recipes that involve cooking outdoors.   We would like to put together a local flavors cookbook on our website.  Submit your entries to or on our Facebook page.