Landscape Lighting

It’s getting dark earlier, you’ve put away the patio furniture, the cool evening air we have been enjoying has turned down right crisp. Time to pack up the grill, put away the patio furniture and head indoors right? Wrong!!! modern-design-outdoor-patio-lighting

Pumpkin Lattes, Spiced drinks and Trick or Treating are right around the corner and we have a Treat for you! 
AMJ Landscaping is offering to extend the use of your Landscape Design through the winter. 

As AMJ Landscaping’s Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer, I can add low voltage LED path lights and a few strategically placed fixtures around your home, under trees or looking down from the roof corners to provide a more enjoyable atmosphere and allow you to stay outdoors a little longer. The fixtures mounted on your home are designed to spread light across an area and are usually very bright, almost blinding. Outdoor Landscape Lighting is designed to enhance the surroundings, put emphasis on the beauty you have created and highlight areas of safety without being noticed. Think about what your yard looks like when there is a full moon out. There is a big difference.

Want to see for your self? 
I can set up a demo kit at your home so you can see for yourself. Call the office to set an appointment with me 410.437.3027. Be warned though, I will take the demo lights away after a few days and you’ll wish they were still there.

Landscape designs are meant to be enjoyed from Indoors too.
Being able to see the same landscape in a different “light” brings a whole new value to the project we’ve already completed. Your landscape comes alive in very different way during the winter and we here at AMJ Landscaping would like to help you enjoy your investment all year round.

There is also a safety factor
Home Security is another reason to have outdoor lighting, law enforcement will tell you a lit home is less likely to be burglarized.
Or, say you have to let the dogs out…ever have trouble seeing see where they are in the yard? What about something as simple as family coming over for dinner? We don’t want anyone to fall and get hurt, that just puts a damper on the party. Outdoor lighting steps safer

Energy Savings with LEDs
The great thing about LED’s in Outdoor Landscape Lighting is they run on far less power than the bulbs in your house fixtures and LEDs last up to 5 times longer. Now you can have Outdoor Landscape Lighting and not pay through the nose for it.

It’s always good to come home. Outdoor Lighting for a long driveway
AMJ Landscaping’s Outdoor Lighting Team will set up your system on a digital timer that can run from say, 5 pm-Midnight and pop back on from 5:30am-7am so everyone can get out the door in the morning. If you work like I do, it’s dark when I leave and dark when I get home. After a long day at work I get to enjoy a peaceful moment when I drive up and see my landscapes, the stone work on the house and my walkways lit up when I get home. It’s always good to come home.

We spend a lot of time out on the back patio at my house in the fall too. Our steps are lit and the lights on the posts of the deck overhead cast a nice glow on the patio. We have up lit a few large trees on the perimeter so the yard doesn’t seem so small and scary. From indoors we have a perspective of the yard that didn’t exist before we added landscape lighting. This year we are adding a fire pit, so it’ll be warm out there…for sure to get a lot of use. Might be a better investment than a hot tub.techo pit close up

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