Here Come the WEEDS!

AMJ Landscaping, Inc. can prevent these weeds from overtaking your yard.   Sign up now for pre-emegent treatment of Crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.  Every year people call after the weeds take over so this year let’s be ahead of the weeds with a great pre-emergent program.  AMJ also has programs for spot treatment of weeds during the season plus tree and shrub spraying for pests if and when you need it.

We can to be proactive in these areas, however, there is a small window of opportunity.  The weed seeds that were planted last fall are going to germinate when the ground temperature reaches 55 degrees.  The pre-emergent needs to be in the ground before then.

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Broadleaf Weed

Spring Pruning, Irrigation Start-ups, Mulching

It seems early in the year but there are a few things we wanted to remind you about…

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Backyard grilling3D Designs are available to help you see the whole picture if you are considering a makeover of your Landscaping.  Wonder what a firepit and sitting area might look like in your backyard?  What about a New Outdoor Kitchen or revisions to the gardens and plants?

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Be especially aware that weeds will be popping sooner than usual due to the abnormally warm winter and pre-emergents will be needed to help control them. lawn_fertilization chart