What happened to the Lights?


We are back to work busily preparing for the possibility of snow and designing the projects that will be done this coming season, but something is missing.  This time of year it is noticeably getting dark a lot earlier.  My body clock can’t get used to it. It seems like it is dark most of the time.  Winter days are often referred to as the grey days.  It’s like someone flipped a switch.

So what if we used Outdoor Lighting as a form of Winter Gardening?  During the summer it stays light until all hours and the sun is up way too early in the morning for most of us.  But what about bringing some life back to the winter grey?  There is still plenty going on in the gardens and the trees have a completely different appeal that you cannot see during the summer.  Maybe we could make your landscaping more warm and inviting; Alive.

Outdoor LED Lighting

I always say that if you are going to spend money on landscaping then you should be able to enjoy it all year long.  Personally, I leave before the sun comes up and get home well after it has set most days.  Except for a few Sundays when I do the maintenance on my own house, I hardly see the landscape.  But, there is something peaceful about turning up the driveway and seeing the architecture of your own home lit up, the beauty of the landscape you’ve invested in, and there is the safety factor of being able to see where you are going.  A sense of peace when you return home.  An invitation to forget all the days worries and prepare to greet your family.

Fire Pits

Fire pits and larger fireplaces offer an extra opportunity to be outdoors and skip out on some reality tv.  They can be wood burning or gas/propane.  Often they are the center of the family’s entertaining and AMJ has all the people to make it happen and extend your enjoyment of your Landscape.

With the advent of warm white lamps, LED Outdoor Lighting has moved from that blue haze to a truly beautiful light that uses only pennies worth of electricity compared to the standard Halogen lighting of just a few years ago.

Landscape Lighting - Walkway Steps

And there is nothing wrong with leaving some holiday style lights on the bushes through March.  They also don’t cost much to run if  you use LEDs and who cares if the neighbors think you are lazy.  They are inside hibernating anyway.   I’m not saying the snow globe penguins should still be out there but a little lighting on the roof line or in the shrubs is nice.

I know a garden center in Detroit and the owner goes all out making decorations with greens, so the outdoor pots have something in them for this time of year. She uses LED lighting in every display to keep the season going.  Deborah says, “My advice this January morning is to stay warm and plug something in.”  I agree!

Aim for the Heart

Nothing says Be My Valentine Like new Patio Furniture!

Aim for the heart this year!  AMJ Landscaping’s Cupid Department knows what to do…

  • That’s right, you’ve been spending too much at the jeweler when you could be purchasing quality and comfortable family time with a new patio set from AMJ Landscaping Inc. and North Cape International

And Yes we have RED fabrics…

North Cape International Outdoor Furniture

  • Featuring deep seating cushions in your choice of over 100 Sunbrella fabrics
  • Top Quality Resin (low maintenance)
  • Flexible to design your own layout
  • Coffee and Side Tables with Tempered Glass

Let AMJ create your family space in the backyard.  Combine with a Fire Pit and you’ll wonder how you every lived without it.

Order NOW for delivery in Spring 2016

Visit the website for ideas:  www.amjlandscaping.com  , click Serivces then Outdoor Furniture

The Key to Successful Landscape — Design


Plans are being drawn up now for Summer 2016  landscape design installations.  

Great Projects take time.  Large or Small – it doesn’t matter. Right now is the time between the Holidays and tax time to get creative.

Putting ideas on paper will provide you with peace of mind and having a 3D Design will bring those ideas to life.  Once the Holidays passed, we got serious about completing the fall plans right down to the final detail selections.  Those designs will get installed first.  But there is still plenty of time to get a design completed in the Summer of 2016-you just have to get started right now!  Look below for an example and Check out the video of this project on our website homepage: www.amjlandscaping.com


Marriottsville, MD New Construction Before Landscaping Plan



This process allows us to show the scope of work and the details that will finish the job.  You can study  things like traffic flow patterns, furniture arrangements, location of the BBQ grill or Outdoor Kitchen relative to everything else.  It’s the best we’ve seen so far for transferring ideas into a workable plan.3D landscaping design walkway and plants3D Landscaping DesignHot tub in landscape design


Marriottsville, MD After Landscape Design Installation

Come take a seat, relax!


100% recycled plastic, weighs about 40# each, available in 22 colors—Retails for $368, Yours for $309 + tax & shipping thru 4/9/16

CALL 410-437-3027 to place an Order Today!

Best Shovels and Preventing Slips and Falls

Best Shovels:  Plastic, Plastic, Plastic – because the tips do not scratch driveways and pavers

  • Ergonomic handles help relieve back strain
  • Larger shovels are not always better; having to make one or two extra passes across the driveway is always better than getting hurt

Ice Melter –

  • Generally, all ice melters work in the same way by depressing the freezing point of ice or snow and turning the mixture into a liquid or semi-liquid slush.
  • No Salt!  Ever!  Salt damages concrete and paver surfaces and is toxic to plants and grass if left down too long or applied excessively
  • The compound Magnesium Chloride (AMJ’s product of choice) is applied after precipitation has fallen or ice has formed when using a commercially available granular mix.
  •  Factors to consider for any anti-icer / de-icer product include (1) amount needed to be effective, (2) time needed to react and go into solution, (3) how long it will provide de-icing action (e.g., longer means fewer reapplications), (4) effectiveness of temperature range (magnesium chloride is 5 degrees F), and (5) environmental aspects such as residues, effects on plant life and effects on concrete.
  • Purchasing and use decisions should be carefully considered since anti-icing and de-icing performance capabilities of common ice melting compounds vary significantly.
  • Some companies add a color dye so you can see where it’s been spread, a nice feature
  • Once a significant melting has occurred, shoveling of the ice layer will be easier and allow things to dry out more quickly.
  • Magnesium Chloride residue on the surface will aid in slowing refreezes too, so you may use less product which is more cost effective and better for the environment.
  • Also look for new Pet Friendly products
  • Snow Shovels
  • Always use Plastic, Plastic, Plastic!


Seeing what you might be missing with 3D Landscape Designs

You have to ask yourself….How do you know someone’s ideas will work?

What if it doesn’t feel right?

How do I know I am going to like it a year from now?

Will it be more expensive to make changes during construction if I change my mind once I see it?

AMJ LANDSCAPING, Inc. has the solution–3D Designs

We’ve tried everything from photo albums and colored hand drawings, to building mock ups, even touring existing projects with customers and we never quite got the vision perfected…Until Now.

Last year, AMJ LANDSCAPING, Inc developed 3D Designs

3D Landscape Design, pavers, patios, pergola, custom cedar millwork, plant plan,

3D Perspective of a great Landscape Design

AMJ is using the latest software to:
-Recreate your exact house to scale
Windows, colors, shape and size
-Add in Landscaping,: pavers, pools, pergolas, plants, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, water features, irrigation and lights, furniture, umbrellas and even people
-Provide a full “helicopter view” video tour
-Provide multiple still shots of the completed project
-Provide a detailed plant list

93% of people who tried it last year decided to proceed with their project


Because it realistically portrays the results you can expect and you can feel the dimensions and start to know that the design will be functional in the way you want.

Its all about bringing the dreams out and 3D Design lets that happen.

Call 410.437.3027 for a free first visit to discuss your dream landscape project.

Check out some examples on our website: www.amjlandscaping.com There is a video on the bottom of the homepage and other examples of completed projects in our gallery. You can also see more 3D designs on our You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AMJLandscaping